GongZeit Tam Tam / Chau Gongs

Classical high-contrast optics and sonorous, soft basic sound. The sound can best be described as two levels, one on top of the other - the first level consists of lows and bass tones, above which lies the second level with medium and high overtones. The larger the Gong, the broader the frequency spectrum and thus the richness and variety of sound. The volume also increases with increasing size, but there are enormous differences within the same size, especially in terms of volume and fundamental tone, as each Gong here is a handmade unique piece. If you have further or more specific questions, please contact us personally, either by phone or email. If you want to listen to an example video of what a Chau Gong (100cm diameter in the video) can sound like in GongZeit Quality, go to the 39"/100cm Gong. It shows the basic sound characteristics of this type of gong, as described above. Please use good headphones or speakers for listening. Enjoy.

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