Grotta Sonora Gongs

Grotta Sonora gongs are sound works of art in perfection. Wonderful, bright colors and radiant sounds are the hallmarks of Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi's work.

The sound features of the Grotta Sonora gongs: harmonious choirs and soft bass frequencies combine to create touching carpets of sound that carry. Grotta Sonora gongs can also be played with friction mallets perfectly. Every gong from Madhava is of course unique. There is also the possibility of introducing personal design or sound ideas and thus making an even more individual gong for you. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us by phone or email. Grotta Sonora features and sound art works can be found here.

What sets Grotta Sonora Gongs apart?

In a nutshell: unique sound quality and aesthetic works of art.

Handcrafted Uniqueness: Grotta Sonora Gongs are carefully crafted by hand, with each gong being individually designed. This craftsmanship gives each gong a unique personality and sound characteristic.

Inspired by nature and mysticism: The design and manufacture of Grotta Sonora gongs is often inspired by nature and mysticism. This is reflected in organic shapes and ornate decorations that evoke the mysteries of times past and show visions of the future, like the Cosmo Gongs.

Deep sounds and resonance: Through the use of high-quality materials and special manufacturing techniques, Grotta Sonora gongs often produce deep, soft and complex sounds rich in overtones. This deep resonance is an intense and touching experience for the listener.

Unique soundscapes: The soundscapes you can experience with Grotta Sonora Gongs are often described as particularly atmospheric, magical and inviting, making them a popular choice for meditation, sound healing and spiritual practices.

Total works of art: Grotta Sonora Gongs are handcrafted works of art that offer not only sound but also visual beauty. Their artistic designs and decorations make them an aesthetic highlight in any room. You can install it as a sound image with our suspensions, or stage it in a suitable frame as a sound sculpture.

Do you want to buy a Grotta Sonora Gong? But are you unsure which one is right for you? Let us advise you personally. Feel free to write to us or call us straight away.

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Grotta Sonora - the beauty of sound and art

There is often more than just silence hidden in the ancient Etruscan caves. Where the world takes a break and the echoes of everyday noise are far away, hidden treasures of sound and harmony can sometimes be found. One such treasure is the world of Grotta Sonora Gongs.

Their unique instruments are not simply struck to produce sounds - they become a gateway to another world. Inspired by the mysticism of caves and the whispers of the earth, the Grotta Sonora Gongs create sounds that envelop the senses and touch the soul.

The history of these extraordinary gongs goes back deep into the past. Its roots can be found in the ancient rituals and ceremonies in which sounds were not only heard but also felt. The makers of these gongs - Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi - have preserved and developed this heritage to create instruments that convey not only sound, but also energy and emotion.

The Grotta Sonora Gongs are carefully crafted by hand, with every nuance of the metal and every strike of the hammer aimed at producing a perfect sound. Their shapes are organic, as if formed by the hands of nature itself, and their surfaces are often decorated with elaborate patterns and mandalas that evoke the mysteries of nature and ancient peoples.

When the gongs come to life, they unfold a soundscape that takes the listener on a journey through space and time. Their sounds are like echoes of bygone times, intertwining with the sound of the caves where the Grotta Sonora project originated, creating an aura of magic.

For those who embark on the adventure of exploring the sounds of the Grotta Sonora Gongs, worlds beyond imagination reveal themselves. They are worlds full of mystery and beauty just waiting to be discovered.